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Who is YOUR community builder?

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To recognize community builders, Mount Holly Springs Heart & Soul and Mount Holly Springs Borough bring you the 2021 Community Building Story Contest. This contest encourages you to tell us about a person or group you know and admire who lives, works, or plays in the Mount Holly Springs area, making a difference for our community. 


To recognize and celebrate our community builders.

Group of Friends Going on Excursion

Youth Category

Anyone 18 or under

Who in your family, school, neighborhood, church, or community do you admire most? What do you admire about them? What do they do that you think makes the lives of others who live in the Mount Holly Springs area better?

Graphic Designers

Adult Category
Anyone over 18

Think of a family member, a neighbor, a member of a community organization, or a friend who volunteers for a community organization. What kind of volunteering do they do? How do they feel about the volunteer work they do? How did you find out about the community-building work being done? Why does this person’s volunteer work make MHS a better place?

Chldren's Library

Essay, Poem, or Music

Tell your story with words -- consider an essay, poem, or words set to music.

Video, Photo, or Graphics

You can tell your story with a video clip, photography, drawing, or other graphic art.

Art or Other

Use the way you feel best able to tell your story, be it painting, dance, or music.

Students at the Park

And if just entering isn't enough:


Grand Prize Drawing: Bench placed at Trine Park with a plaque honoring your person or organization (a $350 value)
Other Prizes: A gift card from a local business, a ride-along with the first responder of your choice, and being a Mount Holly Springs VIP for the day

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Heart Sunglasses

Up to 4 Points for Theme


The project focus promotes community building to make our community a better place to live, work, learn, or play.

  • Theme very clear (4 pts)

  • Theme somewhat clear (3 pts)

  • Theme unclear (2 pts)

  • No theme evident (1 pt)

Here's what we'll look for:


Creativity &Impact

Creative Class

Up to 3 Points for Creativity


The project immediately catches the attention of others.

  • Grabs immediate attention (3 pts)

  • Somewhat eye catching (2 pts)

  • Not eye catching (1 pt)


Up to 4 Points for Impact


The project motivates others to be a community builder in our community.

  • Superb motivational appeal (4 pts)

  • Some motivational appeal (3 pts)

  • Little motivational appeal (2 pts)

  • No motivational appeal (1 pt)

Let's Get Started!

  1. Under 18? Have a parent or guardian submit the Permission to Participate form
  2. Build your project.
  3. Submit your project electronically. Be sure to include your contact information.
    NOTE: If electronic submission is not possible or practical, contact us to discuss other ways to submit your project.
  4. Deadline for submission is _________________. 
People in Park

Trine Memorial Park

362 W Pine Street

Mount Holly Springs, PA

Dog in the Park

The contest winners will be announced at the Grand Re-opening of Trine Memorial Park

We hope that will be fall of 2021!


Need some ideas for your project? Tell us about...


What motivated you to become a resident of the Mount Holly Springs area.


The Mount Holly Springs Police Department, Yellow Breeches EMS, or Citizen's Fire Company #1 or your research on a family of first responders.


Promoting community building in the Mount Holly Springs area.


What you learned about person, like Amelia Givin, or any historic figure in Mount Holly Springs' past. Tie this history to a person you know today who makes a difference.


David and Romaine Toner who seasonally decorate the "Charlie Brown" tree on the south end of the borough.


A family member who is a community volunteer or a service club project you are working on.


A teacher, group of students, or members of a congregation who do community service in the Mount Holly Springs area.


More Questions?

Contact Jim Burgess of Mount Holly Springs Heart and Soul

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Example: An Essay

Miss Trine

Here's a story about an historic Mount Holly Springs community builder:

Miss Emelyn Trine was born in 1900 to John and Lillie Trine, who owned a farm on what is now West Pine Street. While growing up in Mount Holly Springs, it’s likely she frequented the Amelia S. Givin Library to nurture her love of reading. She went on to graduate from Carlisle High School in 1918 and earned a degree in English from Dickinson College. She later earned a graduate degree at Columbia University in New York City. Miss Trine spent her professional career teaching English to first high school students, then later to college students. 

Miss Trine was known as a tough teacher with high expectations. She prepared her students to be successful in college and contributors to their communities. Mount Holly Springs Heart & Soul strives to find out what matters most to people in our community—Miss Trine was a community builder

As a teacher, Miss Trine took students under her wing to fully develop their talents. Richard Gobin told us Miss Trine tutored him before and after school in English. Richard was a talented math and science student, however English was not one of his strengths. He had no intention of going to college. With Miss Trine's influence, he went to college to be a teacher, then a pharmacist and is now the owner of Holly Pharmacy.

William Gumby, who grew up on Mountain Street, was a talented student both at the Mount Holly School and at Carlisle High School. He too was strong in math and science. Miss Trine taught English to William as a 10th grader. William was not afraid of hard work, and he prospered. With help from Miss Trine’s connections, William entered Dickinson College and graduated in 1954. She also supported him in other small, but important ways. He recounted that he would meet her at her house on the square in Mount Holly Springs and she would drive him to and from Carlisle—she would teach at Carlisle High School and he attended classes at Dickinson College. He later earned a graduate degree from Penn State University.

Miss Trine was also a community builder at her church, the Mount Holly Springs Methodist Church. She contributed money to purchase a memorial stained glass window in honor of her mother in 1954. She bequeathed the land where the Mount Holly Springs United Methodist Church now stands. 

Miss Trine was generous to her hometown, too. Trine Memorial Park exists today because of her land donation to the Mount Holly Springs Borough for outdoor recreation.