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Our town is more than meets the eye by car, as you move from Carlisle, Boiling Springs, or Gettysburg and back. We offer a nice selection of affordable restaurants, ample opportunities in the borough or nearby to hike, stroll, or play, a beautiful and nationally recognized library, and an historic and renovated inn for overnight stays.

Remembering Jerome Guise

In the early morning hours of Monday, March 9, 2020 the Borough of Mount Holly Springs lost an incredible member of not only our community- but our family. Firefighter Jerome Guise gave the ultimate sacrifice while working selflessly to save the life of another during a fire in Boiling Springs.  People often ask what someone is willing to sacrifice as a volunteer, and yesterday it was evident. The borough stands alongside our fire department and the friends and family of Firefighter Jerome Guise as we all mourn the loss of a person who embodied what it meant to be a selfless member of our community. A fund has been set up to offer support to the Guise Family and his children. Donations can be made at F&M Trust at 3 E. First Street in Boiling Springs.

Photo By Jonny Castro Art


Update- 3.23.2020: Advanced Disposal, our trash hauler, has reached out to the borough to inform us of some upcoming changes being made so that they can continue to provide regular trash service. Advanced Disposal will not be taking any items outside of the toter- including bulk items. For the safety of their drivers- they request that no bags be placed alongside the toter and that all items in the TRASH toter are in a bag and not loose in the bin. Recycling service will continue as normal with items being loose inside of the recycling toter. We ask that you please comply as we continue to navigate COVID-19.


Update- 3.18.2020:  The Borough Tax Office is closed to visitors.

Tax payments can be made using the drop box or by mail with check or money order, or just the drop box when using cash with exact change. If you would like a receipt, please provide a self-addressed stamped envelope and Ms. Boise will mail a receipt to you. If you require additional assistance you can reach the tax collector at 717-385-7325.


Update- 3.17.2020: While we all are processing the ongoing issue of COVID-19, the borough has decided to cancel all public meetings through the end of March. The borough lobby will remain open for urgent needs and for medication disposal. Please consider calling the office with your questions and concerns before stopping in. If you have an urgent need but are immune compromised, please call the office so that we can work out a way to best serve you.

Update- 3.16.2020: During a time of uncertainty and confusion- the Borough of Mount Holly Springs is offering as much clarity as we are able. Please find current information from reliable sources below so that you are prepared and able to respond to this virus in the most educated way possible. While it is pertinent to be prepared- please do not forget your friends and neighbors who may be without. It is so important that we lean on each other (metaphorically, not physically!) and care for our own. If you find that you are over prepared or got caught up in the hype at the grocery store- please consider donating to a elderly neighbor or low income family. Do not forget about the local organizations who will likely be overwhelmed by people facing a loss of income or extra mouths to feed. As always- the borough staff are able to provide information on helpful organizations if you are struggling and direct you to people who can help.


Update- 3.13.2020: Due to a surplus of information about the disease from both trusted and distrustful sources , the Pennsylvania Health Department has offered these facts sheets to help people better understand the virus.

Preparing...? Click HERE

Researching...? Click HERE

Think you are infected...? Click HERE

Looking for current information from a good source...? Click HERE

For additional information, please check out the PA Department of Health website by clicking here.

If you think you are or know someone with the disease, please seek medical attention.

Current Bids and RFP's


-- The Borough of Mount Holly Springs is seeking bids for a select cut of timber on property owned by the borough authority. The property is located at 50 Maple Street in the borough and is approximately 10 acres of mature trees. Bids will be received and reviewed at the April 9, 2020 authority meeting.

Bids must be submitted by 4:00 p.m. on April 9, 2020. The authority reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Any questions can be directed to Borough Manager, Thomas Day, who can be reached by phone at 717-226-1066 or email at tday@mhsboro.com.

- The Mount Holly Springs Borough is accepting sealed bids for a paving project with PennDot approved materials. Bid wills be accepted until April 13, 2020 at 4:00 p.m. at 200 Harman Street Mt. Holly Springs Pennsylvania 17065 and the sealed bids will be opened at 7:00 p.m. in council chambers at the same address during the regularly scheduled council meeting.

Formal advertisement will be made in the Sentinel on March 5 and 14, 2020. Please reach out by phone at 7174867613 or email at tday@mhsboro.com with any questions.


The Borough of Mount Holly Springs is seeking bids for Tri-Axle loads of clean top soil. Loads will be delivered to trine Park at 300 W. Pine Street. Bids will be accepted by mail, email to tday@mhsboro.com, or dropped off at the borough office until March 20, 2020 at 4 p.m. Any questions should be directed to Borough Manager Tom Day at 717-226-1066 or email at tday@mhsboro.com.

Current Information Station

- FEMA Flood Maps (revised Feb. 2020) are located under Events and Notices.

- 2020 Census

The 2020 Census affects your representation in
government, determines how much state and federal
funding the county receives, and provides data to plan
for the future.




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